Ewww it’s raining!

Yesterday was AWESOME, sun shining, temps in the 90′s. It was more then I could have asked for on a day where my son and I had to stay out of the house for up to 4 hours. (Flea foggers in the basement no good) But today….omg today is blah. I have to remember to throw away the blanket the dogs sleep on. I was going to wash it but it’s beyond washable now and just needs to be trashed.

Talked to my cousin V today, she called and then the hubby called. I have so much to do today around here, dishes, laundry, which thankfully I got most of them done while I was on the phone with V. The laundry might take me into the early evening but I’m thinking it will only take me about 4-5 loads. Yes I know I’m a slacker. But hey I’m a happy slacker.

I’ve been so happy with the results of America’s Got Talent, Michael Grimm is the Shizah!!! We love his voice. We voted for him and I voted for Prince Poppycock. I know, he’s wierd, but I loved him, he made me smile. Like Piers Morgan said he kind of became my “guilty pleasure”.

I have to go to the pharmacy soon, but I think I might wait a few hours and see if the rain stops. I’m thinking again about quitting cigarettes but how many times have I said that? It’s a hard habit to break. HARD. Why did I ever start? Cuz I wanted to piss my mom off AND think I was cool looking at the same time. Stupid. If I could go back to before I ever took a drag I totally would. Don’t ever start if you don’t smoke.

So, I haven’t talked about the VMA’s yet, mostly because I don’t have MTV anymore! But the joy of the internet allowed me to view the highlights and the ONE performance that I wanted to see. Eminem DUH! Lady Gaga wore a dress made of raw meat? WTF. I don’t get her but I love her music. Em’s performance was awesome, but he’s just not looking right to me anymore. Maybe being sober makes him look different? He says he’s sober in his new album and I hope he is. If he is good for him.

I’ve been exercising a little. Not as militant about it as I was a year ago, but that’s just because I can’t find the time to do it as I used to be able to. My kid sleeps in. I used to exercise immediately upon waking up but now I get up and start housework. So my exercise has to wait until afternoon naptime or until night time when the kid is asleep or laying on the couch getting ready to sleep.

Well the first round of laundry is done so that is the end of the blog for today. Maybe I’ll be back later today but who knows, maybe not. I’m in the mood to write even thought I spent 2 hours on the phone blabbing with V. We’ve started calling each other everyday and it’s nice to know that she and I have that kinda relationship. Anyways back to the laundry.

Things to not forget to do today:

Pharmacy and research pre k for the sonshine :)

Have a great day, until I write again


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